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Who supports Human Trafficking?
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As with other forms of organised crime, the human trafficking ‘industry’ is based on supply and demand. When the proper conditions and circumstances are available, children, women and also men become the product that moves the market of this widespread criminal industry.
The factors that facilitate this crime are multiple and various. They include direct ones, such as organised networks that seek to progress human trafficking operations, and indirect ones, such as the lack of a secure economic future or stability in some countries.
In reality, there are organisations that directly participate in, and others that indirectly support, human trafficking networks.
  • Human trafficking network owners, from financiers and investors.
  • Money laundering networks.
  • Employment authorities specialised in the provision of ‘Victims.’
  • Those who supervise the transfer of victims, and facilitate their departure procedures and forge papers.
  • Employees of departments which do not abide by professional morals.
  • Other parties that directly facilitate the bringing in, movement, selling, delivery and guarding of victims.

  • Hotels.
  • Owners of real estate.
  • Airlines.
  • Employment offices.
  • Marriage offices.
  • Press and advertising companies.
  • Social websites.
  • Banks and some finance establishments.
  • Owners of farms and factories.

Some of these authorities participate, without their knowledge, in supporting human trafficking, through lack of management attention to conditions in their business, and the lack of awareness.
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