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What is Human Trafficking?
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UAE Federal Law No. 51 of 2006 defines human trafficking as: “the recruitment, transportation or receipt of persons by means of threat, force, coercion, kidnap, fraud, deceit, abuse of power, the offer of money or inducements to secure the consent of a person who is in control of another person, for the purpose of exploitation. This covers all forms of sexual abuse, involuntary servitude, mistreatment, coercion and work force abuse, as well as the illegal trading of human organs".

The human trafficking phenomenon is considered modern-day slavery. According to the United Nations statistics report more than 2.4 million victims in the hands of human traffickers worldwide, mostly women and children. This inhuman phenomenon is growing rapidly and it has been described by experts as the world’s third-largest criminal activity after drug and arms trafficking.

Although there are a lot of global programmes and initiatives aimed at combating human trafficking, including the Athens Ethical Principles and the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, human trafficking networks are still violating the rights of the vulnerable worldwide, which demands greater co-ordination and joint action between nations.
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