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What happens to victims?
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Since it is one of the most severe crimes that breaches human rights, human trafficking victims suffer from abuse of their most simple human rights: the right to live, to have freedom and equality, security and dignity. Further, the victims suffer from the most horrible forms of violence and exploitation.

What happens to the victims immediately after falling the criminals’ traps?
  • Freedom deprivation: A victim is deprived of his / her support papers, threatened with jail, robbed of their freedom to move about.
  • Torture: Victims are subjected to torture and hunger.
  • Rape: Victim can be subjected to rape.
  • Threats: Victim can be threatened with death, deformation, or attack of their family members. In the case of the sexual exploitation in prostitution networks, women are threatened with social exposure.
  • Exploitation: Victims can be exploited by the threat of having to repay debts such as traveling card, visa, residence expenses … etc.


What are the consequences victims suffer? 

  • Bodily diseases: contagious diseases such as AIDS or conditions caused by excessive work duties, malnutrition and inhuman living circumstances.
  • Psychological diseases: Victims can suffer from deep shock and psychological diseases that take a longer time to heal.
  • Pregnancy and abortion: Many woman victims get pregnant and give birth as a result of sexual exploitation, and are subject to frequent abortions.
  • Addiction: The victims fall into a whirlpool of addiction to alcohol, narcotics and drugs, which they are forced to take.
  • Death: Either by a killing in dangerous criminal environments, or because of disease and harsh living circumstances.
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