A Message of Hope
A Message of Hope
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You were the light that scattered darkness inside me ..
I thank you with my smile and ambition

First of all, I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks, as you have returned life to me after others made me think I had lost it. Thanks for giving me a dignified means of living, away from humiliation. Now, I am back living in my own country and with my family. I resumed my life as other ordinary human beings. I wake up every morning, and know that I walk free, and choose my way and work direction.

Approximately one year after leaving your centre, which offered me kindness, mercy and relief from my pain, and rebuilt my confidence, smile and returned freedom to me … here I am rebuilding my life and very happy to tell you that a month ago I joined a charitable society that supports child rights, and I help build awareness within the local society. I work as a weaving supervisor in a textile factory. I write to inform you about this, because you were my compassionate family after my really bad experience. Your centre embraced and protected me after circumstances robbed me of my determination, and treated me without mercy at severe hands. You returned hope in a normal life to me after I thought that would never live free. I had become a commodity and victim of exploitation without power. I had been deceived while seeking a decent living and the ability to help my family.

However, today I have regained my life, work and a decent living with honour, trust and without tears. You are very aware of my tears, because you were the first to wipe them away and transform them into determination. I remember the warm winter in the Centre and your health care, and the support given to me, plus the awareness, recreation and respect that helped me overcome the past injustices of others. Every day I passed in your centre was like a light that penetrated the darkness inside me, and a new minaret of happiness emerged. I now offer you all my gaiety and ambition. You were all the best assistance, support and help. So, today I am a working woman, integrated in my society, and participating in its development and progress.

Thank you very much for your great efforts in helping to protect others.

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