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Since the launch of Ewaa shelters for victims of human trafficking, we have had the confidence of our wise leadership and through their constant support we have become a pilot model on both regional and international levels. Such trust embodies professional and moral responsibility that drives us to ceaselessly work on providing the best services.

Guided by vocational and humanitarian passion, administrative and executive employees, Ewaa shelters have managed to attain exceptional successes, maintaining excellence and high quality performance in the field of care, rehabilitation and awareness. This has enhanced the capacities of cadres in the shelters and enabled them to observe optimum practices and implement pilot initiatives. Hence, they earned national and international accolades, received commendation from humanitarian organizations specialized in supporting victims of human trafficking.

The persistence of this threatening social plague, which plays down human dignity and that knows no limits, leaves its victims in need for help. Some of those victims are too helpless and panic-stricken to ask for help. Hence, we – at Ewaa shelters embrace determination and hope, sparing no effort to lend the victims a helping hand. We also offer individual and public awareness on the threats of such a plague and the means to combat it. Besides, we work on spreading preventive culture in the community, aiming to immunize and protect it. Such a task is carried out in cooperation with local, regional and international partners to affirm the high care of UAE government and civil society organizations to unabatedly combat this heinous crime.
With its diverse entries, the Ewaa shelters’ website contains introductory and legal information, as well as records of annual achievements, partners’ relationships, media news, interactive services, etc… It is considered as an informative reference, a vital educational channel, and a direct platform that gives information about our efforts and achievements. It also conveys our firm insistence on combating such a serious plague that has no limits. The website also serves as a reliable platform for the victims seeking a safe outlet. Through its tri-lingual – Arabic, English and Russian – interface, the website has proven its primary role in maintaining the vision of Ewaa shelters and in achieving its noble mission that is offering protection, rehabilitation, care and awareness.
May Allah grant us success.

Sara Shuhail
General Director 


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