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How to avoid becoming a human trafficking victim
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•  Be wary of very attractive work opportunities.
•  If you are offered a very attractive work opportunity outside your country, make sure you ask lots of detailed questions and get convincing answers.
•  Contact the embassy of country in which you are thinking of working before you travel, and make sure your register at your national embassy as soon as you arrive in the country of your work.
•  Read employment offers and contracts carefully before you sign them.
•  Seek advice and guidance from people with occupational and legal experience before taking the job.
•  Ensure you leave your address and telephone numbers with family members and friends before you travel (these details shall be ascertained before travelling).
•  Keep a copy of your passport and ID card in a safe place.
•  Know your rights and duties fully before agreeing to any employment offer.
•  Avoid employment offers that come through the internet.
•  Be wary of offers of engagement and marriage that come through the internet.

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